Soothing Aloe from Missha

I haven’t had much time to do some masking! but now that I have a bit of time to myself I’ll be trying this one:


The mask itself is great quality and was really generous with the serum. It’s soothing to the skin (mine was tingling a bit because my face was extremely dry and horrible) and the fit of the mask was absolutely perfect.

Once done my face felt fresh and great. It’s smooth and moisturized and one of the better aloe masks I’ve tried here. There’s plenty of serum left over so I can use it on my off days when I’m not doing the mask. It’s feels so good and your skin will thank you for it.

Rating: 5/5


Strawberry mask, upside down opening…

Got these when I was visiting back home. Never tried them before but they were on sale and looks the same as the Dermal ones… (looks like an imitation of them?)


I was pleasantly surprised that it actually did smell like strawberries! it was almost nice enough to feel like eating them haha. So what’s up with opening the mask from the bottom? is this a misprint? or are they like this? it was odd since I put my masks in a container standing up and found out these ones were upside down.

Although the mask fit was okay, it seemed like the entire thing was cut into small sections so it was a bit of a task trying to open the mask in the first place, and then putting it on your face.

After a few minutes felt a bit stinging and tingling….and it got uncomfortable. So I took it off after ten minutes, and my cheeks were pink. Didn’t want to risk making my face look worse after this mask.

Looks like this mask wasn’t for me. Not sure if it was the alcohol content, or maybe my skin just didn’t like it. So I’d have to pass on this one.

Rating: 1/5

Collagen by MJ Care

Woooee it’s been a while since I’ve done some masking. Not to mention I was between colds and had a sinus infection, plus the hormones kicked in so my face went through a lot this past month.

So as I’m trying to get back into my masking groove I’m going to try this one:


Mask was a great fit and it felt instantly cool on my skin once I put it on. It’s unscented and the serum is just as you expect. Not runny but thin enough to put on and not feel greasy. The mask has those little eye flippers that can be adjusted. (Unless you want the full spa effect)

After session was done, wow my face was super soft! I loved the results on this one. Face felt firmer and was completely moisturized. It saved my skin from the dry phase I was going through.

Definitely like this one and recommend to those that want to try!

Rating: 5/5


This Green Tea Mask Smells Nice..but…

So let’s try this Green Tea Mask by Dermal:



So the fit of the mask was good, and there’s a lovely green tea fragrance that comes with the mask but, I just feel like it’s not really doing my skin any good. You know how when you put the mask and your face immediately feels like it’s sucking in all the serum? I’m not really feeling that with this one…it wasn’t until later when the mask sets in (about 10 minutes in) that you do feel a tingling sensation.

The serum is light with this mask so you’re not left with sticky face syndrome. My face did feel refreshed and better after the session though. It’s just the initial setting it up on the face as the mask is of a thicker quality than other ones that I’ve used in the past that you have to go through for this mask.

It’s not that bad, but not the greatest either.

Rating: 3.5/5


Pomegranate Mask by The Face Shop

I’m almost out of my masks from The Face Shop! I’m down to my last two and one of them is the Pomegranate one (that’s for firming the skin)



This one’s really generous with the serum. And I mean GENEROUS. It was dripping when I took it out of the pouch. The fit of the mask was also just right. No complaints here about it.

Got a slight tingle sensation. There is also a slight scent with this mask that doesn’t have to do with pomegranate at all…but it’s a bit strange and it was pretty unpleasant.

My face was okay after this was done. It does feel and look nice but the scent was pretty off and it got in the way of otherwise a pleasant experience. I’ve had better pomegranate masks than this one.

Rating: 3/5

Vitamin C mask time

The acne isn’t letting up!! oh lordy. Could be what I’m eating. I’ve been sugaring it up lately due to some stress and it’s that time coming. So it’s probably a combination of that. So let’s go with this Vitamin C mask.



I’m going to assume this is a Vitamin C mask as labelled on the back in the picture above. That being said…

The fit was good as usual. Dermal is pretty much stable for me when it comes to the size and fit of them. There is a fragrance to it. Which surprised me as I wasn’t expecting one although if I was, I wouldn’t mind a nice citrus scent. (It wasn’t.)

So after the session! my face didn’t have that sticky residue! it felt clean and happy! now when it comes to it being moisturized, I’m going to say, it feels a little on the dry side. You might need some extra moisturizer if your skin falls on the more dry spectrum. Otherwise it was a great mask! my face feels great and clean!

Rating: 4/5

Tea Tree Mask from Innisfree

Acne is sprouting on my face these past few days. Getting annoyed and want to get rid of them. Here comes Innisfree with a tea tree mask that I  hope will somewhat curb them.



Here goes nothing….

The  mask is super thin. Fits like a glove. Love it already. There’s a light tea tree scent to it so it’s not going to make your eyes water.

Oooooo tingles. Good tingles that is. It does feel refreshing through the mask session.

The mask dried out in just the right amount of time. Plenty of essence leftover on my face. What I’m not really like is the consistency of the serum and rubbing it into my face. It’s leaving it slightly sticky and greasy feeling.

I’m going to be looking into different masks that treat acne. This one I won’t buy again.

Rating: 3/5