Looks Like a Dud….

I’m really hoping third time’s the charm here. These Wallgreen’s masks have been pretty lacking. I bought 4, but 2 of them were the same. So this is my last one to try. Here goes nothing.


One of my favorite types of masks this time. I love hyaluronic acid ones. They keep my face nice and healthy.


Oh here we go. So it’s slightly more generous on the essence this time. But just not enough. I put the mask on and it feels like I’m putting something on that was already used. It’s already drying out as I’m typing this. Not looking good.

I couldn’t do it. I ripped the mask off in 20 minutes because it was already starting to fall off. What little bits of essence I put into my face. Yep. It’s a dud. Not getting this again. I have one more of these left and I don’t think I’ll be using it. Not worth the money or the time invested.

Rating: 0/5

More Collagen, just because

I’m about that age where I should start worrying about fine lines, wrinkles, and firming my skin. (Lawwwwd where did the time go?!) I’m not much of a fan of putting dozens of creams, serums and oils on my face. I don’t think my skin is meant for that kind of abuse. Masks however, I’ll do:


This one’s got cute packaging!


Wooeee when I put the mask on I was assaulted with a scent. It was almost medicinal and not that pleasant.

The essence is this murky milky liquid that’s not like the other serums that I’m used to when I’m putting these masks on. The fit was pretty good except the eyes. Just a bit too small so I felt a stinging sensation and had to adjust.

When the mask was off, face looked healthier, you’ll really need to rub in the essence though because of the thick texture it suddenly feels like you’re wearing a greasy sheen over your face.

I don’t think I’ll be using this again, the smell was a bit off putting and the filmy feeling I got after taking the mask off was uncomfortable. The greasy look just didn’t look great at all. Ah well, next mask next day then!

Rating: 2/5

Unmasking bundle 3 of 6

It’s that time lovelies! I’m onto bundle number 3 from my skin18 order from some months ago! It’s another Etude House Package I’m opening this time but with different varieties:


From the top to the bottom we have:

  • Acai Berry
  • Aloe
  • Royal Jelly
  • Honey
  • Green Tea
  • Mango
  • Mugwort
  • Rice


So far with the Etude House ones I’ve reviewed in the past, it’s pretty mixed and varies but I’m hoping all will be positive with this batch!

Any suggestions as to which one I should try? 🙂

Aqua Collagen for the Parched Face

I think I ran out of Aloe masks because I can’t find any in my stash….I could really use one as the weather has been pretty brutal on my face and I got two pimples that are rather unsightly.

I picked this one from my collection instead. IMG_20170808_084834586.jpg

Looks fresh looking doesn’t it?


I needed the freshness and coolness of this mask and my face thanked me for it. The moment I put this one on my face felt so much better and I can almost feel as if my face was drinking up the essence from the mask (yes that’s how dry my face was ick)

The mask was a good fit, a bit of adjustment needed as it comes with the eye flaps. It’s not as soaking with serum as other masks that I used in the past are, but it’s enough for the face that there’s some left over when the mask is off.

My face felt great! it certainly was refreshing and skin looks much better and rejuvenated. Very pleased with this one.

Rating 5/5

Love them Pearls!

I think Pearls are supposed to be a June birthstone at one time (which is my birth month) I think that’s rather fitting isn’t it?

Today I’m going to try this Pearl mask from Etude House.


I’m really not into the “brightening” aspects of my face. I never found it useful or it’s not one of the things I really needed. I’ll give it a try though just for giggles. IMG_20170804_094820295.jpg

I don’t know how the heck they fold these masks but I was having an issue trying to unfold it. (I guess it didn’t help either that I was on a live chat with someone from Comcast and I was trying to do several things at once so of course I’m trying to unfold this mask as quick as possible). The eye holes are a bit small but can be adjusted.

When taking the mask off. I saw a bit of a difference in my face. It’s slightly brighter. But the skin does look more healthy.

Not sure if I’ll be using a brightening product again. But Etude House products in other varities, for sure.

Rating: 3/5

Our Lips Aren’t a Straight Line!

I might regret this one too huh? I bought 4 of these masks. So far one is a dud. Let’s try the second one.



I kind of have a sense of dread with this. But life is full of surprises



Interesting. This one has a sunburn alert. This is the first time I’ve seen a mask that has this type of advisory on it. Sounds good. I plan on staying inside anyway because it’s going to be super hot today (we’re going through a heat wave here in PDX)

So again. I don’t know what it is about this particular company with the masks but our lips aren’t straight lines for crying out loud. I had to slightly *rip* this one so my mouth can fit through. It’s ridiculous.

Since I had to rip open the mouth part, the bottom part of the mask now doesn’t fit quite right. There is essence on the mask itself but it feels like you don’t have enough. 10 minutes in and you feel the mask is starting to come off in certain areas of the face. Sighs….

When the mask was done, there was enough essence left over to rub on the face. The face did feel a bit cleaner and more refreshing. This one was a slight improvement over the other one. However, yes as stated, your face doesn’t have the sticky residue. That’s at least a plus.

Rating: 2/5

Heat Wave = Hydration Time!

So since we’re undergoing a heat wave here I’m going to hydrate as much as possible. The multiple showers a day and the sweating are just killing me.

So we’ll be using another Face Shop one this time:


We’ll go with Lotus this time. Benefits of using lotus flower on the skin include:

  • Controls sebum, so it may help with those that have oily skin or combination! like mine 🙂
  • Helps improve elasticity.
  • Can hydrate the skin and repair some light damage.



I rarely have a problem with The Face Shop products, although sometimes I’m stuck with sticky face syndrome after using their masks.

Opening this one is no problem, however it’s pretty fragrant. More so than what I’m used to. The mask was a good fit with a generous amount of essence. So while wearing this one the fragrance was still pretty strong. Some might not like it, it’s a bit overpowering but not enough to make me sneeze.

I put it in a bit longer than I needed to, since I don’t want to feel the stickiness throughout the day. My face looked very nice and refreshed. It felt great!

Aside from the fragrance, I think I’ll give this one another go. Wish it didn’t have to have a strong scent.

Rating: 4/5